Live outside.

August 16, 2016

When our Tiny House was just a dream, the dream included a deck that ran the full length of the house.

The dream trailed off there. I didn’t embellish, add color, or jot down measurements. It was like a blank canvas that I looked forward to painting once the dream came to life.

The reality that is now our full length deck, surrounded by whimsical steps going every-which-way, lined with an amazing view of the lake complete with the reflection of the clouds rolling by overhead, invites me to begin designing. The wind, birds, flowers, and waves create the perfect frame.

We are building memories and starting traditions outside. Most of my own favorite childhood memories take place outdoors and we are trying to create the same for our kids. Campfires, reading at the end of the dock, chatting with neighbors, and watering the garden are our current favorite activities.

The deck is where I hope we center more and most of our family traditions. I want our evening dinners at the table to include watching boats troll by …and pie and ice cream. I look forward to hosting friends, serving wine and cheese, and playing card games under twinkle lights. I hope the kids will always want to snuggled under quilts, squished together on big cushions on chilly mornings, drinking tea and watching the sun come up …spying on the critters’ morning activity.

My pinterest board is filled with inspration for bringing inside coziness to to the outside air.  Think boho chic lounges [wouldn’t it be loverly: Arhaus sectionals!], colorful fabrics that turn the wind into a visual dance, earthy wood furniture that match the natural surroundings, and lights and candles that complement the moon and stars.

Having a living space that isn’t confined to four walls and changes with the weather isn’t what came to mind when we planned our Tiny House. But it’s a part of the lifestyle! Possibly the best part. Our minimalist home is surrounded by so much abundance!

Our outdoor space; we need to notice it, retreat to it, we need to realize its value. Because it is so valuable.






  • Reply Ina August 17, 2016 at 6:57 am

    Your little house looks so cozy, and especially now with this wonderful deck and the amazing view of the lake….who would ever want to leave?
    Your kids are so lucky to be raised by amazing parents like yourselves. And you are right, my most favorite memories of my childhood are also the ones in the summer time, eating and living life outside. And your kids will remember this, always and hopefully instill the same love into their kids, someday.
    Bravo…and can I come be your neighbor….please? ??

  • Reply Laura August 17, 2016 at 1:08 pm

    Reminds me to look around, be grateful, and see what God has given me. What an oxymoron, the tendency to only see what is not in front of me, what I wish was there. I’m going to dream of new things while giving thanks for what I have today.

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