Live within your means

March 23, 2016

I want to “take back” the phrase “Live within your means.”

That phrase makes us feel bound in, boxed in, limited. It makes us feel like we can only do the things that are allowed within a limited budget.

It has such a bummer tone. We need to turn our thinking around.

We don’t only live within our means, we get to!

Opportunity and adventure can come at any budget. A thriving, flourishing, booming, radical life can happen at any budget. Radiate goodness! Your pockets can be empty and you can still radiate life. I love saying that we live within our means because we really LIVE! within our means!

When we decided to take action and pursue a more adventurous lifestyle we checked our values before we checked our budget. The values we prioritized were funded and the ones on the bottom of the list were dropped.

2000 square feet of storage and things that add distance between us didn’t make the cut.

Once we rearranged our life to match our value system the budget followed. And it should! Who wants their budget ruling over them?! We are now much more in control. And we are on a much better path for reaching our goal of debt freedom.

It was a total shift and rearrangement of our life and it took time. It was so worth it. We experienced the kind of living within our means that was a struggle. Now we are proud to say that we LIVE within our means!

This is just where we rest. Our home is our refuge and safety. Our home is tiny, we are not bound or held in by it. ♡ We were created in the image of a boundless God! We’ve rebelled against restriction by reducing what limits us, thus magnifying our freedoms! Our tiny house doesn’t have a lot of square footage, doesn’t offer fancy conveniences, doesn’t store valuable possessions. Our home is humble but our lives are vast.We are LIVING outside of its four walls. ♡ #TinyHouse #TinyHouseFamily #FamilyStyleMinimalism #TinyHouseLIFE #TinyHouseLiving #TinyHouseLove #Unleashed #Boundless #CreatedInHisImage #Rest #TinyHouseLoft ##Cozy #Abode #DwellingPlace #LiveOutside #Adventure #Explore #Discover #UnpluggedChildhood #ThisIsHomeschool #THJ2016 #Minimalism #ItsSimple #BlessThisTinyHouse #BlessThis!

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What makes you feel like you’re really living?

What changes would you make so that you could LIVE within your means!?

Would those changes be physical? financial? mental? spiritual?

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  • Reply Julie Giffrow April 8, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    Feeling grateful that you sre sharing these inspiring words Kim. This comes at a time when we are contemplating the desire to down size our life. May all your days be blessed on your tiny house living journey.

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