Tiny House Library

March 14, 2016

You may remember our Tiny House bookshelf as it was in this photo.


Or you may not. No matter. 🙂  These were the humble beginnings of our homeschooling Tiny House library.

Today we have many bookshelves and hundreds of books.

Many, many books are read in our house everyday. Especially in the winter! In the winter the books are our primary form of entertainment. In the summer, books are used for reference as we discover new things outside, and at our bedtime routine. Here are some of the shelves that we have added since moving into our Tiny House.

Tiny House Catwalk Bookshelves

The catwalk is now lined in bookshelves. This picture actually shows off our first attempt. What is there now is straiter and stronger. Only small chapter books fit here without impeding on the space.

Tiny House Bookshelf

Bigger books can easily fit on this shelf! I think it’s 15 inches wide. Books here are easily within arms reach and completely out of the way! It has kind of a “walk the plank” vibe, wouldn’t you agree!?



The bathroom library! There is a ton of space above the SunMar Composting Toilet. It’s depth from the wall make offers the perfect space for bookshelves.


The loft smells lovely tonight. Sully was designing his own scent recipe for the oil diffuser. ♡ #TinyHouseLoft #TinyHouseBookshelf #TinyHouseStorage #EssentialOils #EssentialOilDiffuser #AromaTherapy #LoftTherapy #Cozy #TinyHouseFamily #BlessThisTinyHouse #Love #Purification #Frankincense #Release #Forgiveness

This is a pic taken after Sully made a little aroma therapy concoction but it shows off a little bit of the shelving Ryan built for our loft. The two shelves are the full 7 1/2 foot width of the house. 15 feet of bookshelf! I’ll work on a better picture.


Homeschool Tiny House

These guys are surrounded by books so they read a lot! Pretty easy plan! It works!



Learning to read!


Can you spy the reader???


And this is just the best.


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    Oh lovely bookshelves! Even with a tiny house, bookshelves should always be present in some nook and cranny 😉

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